The perfumes
- Munich´s first Perfume Manufactory -
The feeling of perfection always comes from finding the ideal balance. This is true of love and in life, and should also be true of the perfume we wear. That's why LENGLING embodies both our name and our concept:

Each one of our fragrances is characterized by the two contrasting notes of LENG and LING. Tradition meets modernity and wanderlust contrasts against the feeling of home. Wild yet soft, and always provocatively elegant, our sophisticated perfume compositions are all based on two fragrant notes that contrast and compliment each other. Exciting and remarkably harmonious, the two notes play off each other as the perfume progresses, merging on the skin to create balanced perfection on a higher plane...

The stylish perfume bottle also embodies our concept in a slick interplay of distinctive design and sophisticated curves. It is finished with a special "fire polishing" technique that refines the bottle and transforms it into an utterly stunning, radiant trinket. The silver cap is a deeply personal homage to Munich. Every single one of our "Isar pebbles" has been polished by hand, making each one a unique and valuable stone that is a delight to hold in the hands.